Google Assistant Can Now Voice Match Multiple Netflix Profiles

Google Home

Google Assistant already supports Netflix. However, the functionality was quite limited, especially if there were multiple profiles on your Netflix account. A new update changes that with Assistant’s ability to voice match each individual based on their profile.

So if you have a roommate who wants to watch Narcos, he simply has to fire in the command and it will automatically start playing from his profile. This means you no longer have to worry about messing up your list of recommendations if another person uses a command.

To set this up, open the Home app on your Android smartphone/tablet, navigate to Menu → More settings → Videos and Photos. Here you should find a Manage Profile option, allowing you to pair your profile to your voice. If you find that the option doesn’t exist, be sure to unlink and link again.

This feature significantly bolsters the experience of Google Home as it can finally take Netflix commands from the entire family and not just one user. This was the purpose of setting up home voice assistants, and it’s good to see the company taking significant steps to improve user experience.

Google Home products have been immensely popular in the marketplace, especially since the arrival of the “mini” version last year. Leveraging Google Assistant, Home devices have a significant leg up over the competition, with Amazon’s Echo devices the only relevant competition in the industry right now.

Have you tried out this new Netflix feature yet? Sound off in the comments below.

[Via Android Police]

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