Android 8.1 Will Show Users the Speed of a Wi-Fi Network Before They Connect

Android 8.0 Oreo

When you connect to a Wi-Fi network on your Android device, you are able to see how strong the connection is before you connect. This can help a user choose between multiple public hotspots, depending on Wi-Fi coverage.

Now, Google has announced that Android 8.1 will allow users to actually not only how strong the connection is, but see just how fast the connection is, too. Users will be able to see a brief description of a network’s speed before they connect, which will certainly help when choosing an open hotspot. Here is how the network speeds will be described:

  • Slow: If you can use Wi-Fi calling, you can make phone calls and send texts.
  • OK: You can read webpages, use social media, and stream music.
  • Fast: You can stream most videos.
  • Very Fast: You can stream very high-quality videos.

The feature should be a nice addition in Android 8.1. It can be disabled if you don’t want to see the descriptions, though. Just open the Settings app –> Network & Internet –> Wi-Fi –> Wi-Fi Preferences –> Advanced –> Network rating provider –> None. A few steps to disable, to be sure, but at least the option to turn this particular feature on and off exists at all.

What do you think of this particular feature? Do you think it’s a nice addition, or was seeing just the signal bar strength enough?

[via Google Support]