Google Working on a Smart File Manager Called ‘Files Go’ With AirDrop-like Functionality

Google has shipped a barebones file manager app in Android for quite a few years now. However, the company is now planning on releasing a full featured file manager and a cleanup utility called Files Go. The company had released the app through Play Store’s early access program.

Due to the overwhelming response, the slots in the early access program were filled in no time after which the listing of the app stopped working.

Apart from being a basic file manager, Files Go also acts as a cleanup utility which can help free up storage space on your Android device. By default, the app shows the amount of storage space used on your Android device along with various cards which show how you can free up more space. This includes cards for clearing app cache, duplicate files on your device, old apps that have not been used for over 30 days, and more.

There is also a ‘Files’ tab in the app which lists all the files stored on your device according to their type. Additionally, you can also send files to other Android devices using the transfer feature of the app. This works over Bluetooth with the actual transfer process likely taking over Wi-Fi Direct for speedy transfer speeds.

Files Go from Google is likely aimed at emerging markets like India, Brazil etc. where many low-end Android devices are launched with very limited amount of storage space. The app is likely aimed at Android Go devices which are low-end smartphones featuring 1GB or lower amount of RAM and 8GB of storage space. When it does launch, Files Go will be compatible with Android devices running Lollipop or higher.

You can grab the APK of Files Go from APKMirror.

[Via Android Police]