Xiaomi Reportedly Working with Google on an Android One Handset

Xiaomi is known for its budget handsets that offer extreme value for money. However, it is heavy MIUI skin running on top of Android is not appreciated by all. Now, it looks like the best of both worlds might just happen: a Xiaomi handset running a stock build of Android.

A report from Krispitech claims that Xiaomi is working with Google on a new Android One device. The report says that the handset, which will apparently be dubbed as Xiaomi A1, will be based on the company’s recently launched Mi 5X. The handset will feature a 5.5-inch 1080p display, dual rear camera, and dual-SIM slot.

As of now, it is still unclear when Xiaomi and Google will bring this handset to the market. Considering that Xiaomi heavily promotes MIUI as the differentiating feature of its handsets, it is unlikely that we will see this Android One smartphone launch in China and possibly India. In all likelihood instead, we should see Xiaomi launch this Android One handset in western markets where with Google’s backing, it should do well.

Since this handset will be launched under the Android One branding, it will not target the extreme low-end of the market. For that, Google will be releasing handsets under its Android Go program.

[Via Krispitech]