OxygenOS 4.5.7 for OnePlus 5 Brings EIS for 4K Videos, July Security Patch, Fixes Plenty of Bugs

OnePlus 5 front view

OnePlus today started rolling out the OxygenOS 4.5.7 update for the OnePlus 5 with a couple of new features and a bunch of bugfixes and optimisations. 

OnePlus has been actively rolling out software updates for the 5 since it first launched the handset in June. With the latest update, the company has fixed a few issues that have been plaguing users since launch. This includes making improvements to the handset’s Wi-Fi connectivity and performance and also improving idle standby battery drain.

As for new additions, OxygenOS 4.5.7 adds EIS support for 4K video recording. A new ‘Slate’ font is also the part of the package, though it’s not the default one and can be found under the ‘Font’ option in Settings -> Display.

A few bug fixes are also a part of the update including a fix for the missing sound channels while recording videos, sound leaks from speakers when using earphones, and camera shutter sound bug when the phone is in silent (India only). Lastly, the update bumps the Android security patch level to July which is always a welcome addition.

With the OxygenOS 4.5.7 update, OnePlus has fixed almost all major issues that users have had with the device. Now, the company can focus on improving certain aspects of the device through software updates, including the camera which has not really lived up to the expectations.

As always, the OTA update is being rolled out in incremental stages so it won’t show up immediately on your OnePlus 5. It should, however, be available for your device within the next couple of weeks.

[Via OnePlus]