Nokia 8 Will Not Launch in the US and China

Last week, Nokia unveiled its flagship smartphone, the Nokia 8. While the company did announce the price and availability of the phone in certain markets, it did not mention anything about its US and China launch. Now, as it turns out, Nokia will not be bringing Nokia 8 to either the US or China.

In an interview with CNBC, HMD Global’s CEO Mr. Sieche said that launching smartphones in the US “requires a separate strategy, even a separate portfolio and tech investment.” He even added that right now the company is not in a hurry to launch its products in the US market due to the strong demand in other parts of the world.

For now, the company only plans to launch the Nokia 8 in countries where the ASP (Average Selling Price) of a smartphone is on the higher side. This includes core western European markets, certain parts of Middle East, and Asia.

As for China, Seiche told that while the Chinese market is a big focus for the company, it would be making a separate and dedicated announcement about the products it would be launching there in the future. Incidentally, Nokia launched its first comeback smartphone under HMD Global — the Nokia 6 — in China first. The handset was on sale in the country for months before making its way to other markets of the world.

Nokia has so far launched three Android-powered smartphones, the Nokia 6, Nokia 5, and Nokia 3. The Nokia 6 has done particularly well in China and the UK where its demand has far outstripped supply. It remains to be seen though if the company manages to meet with the same level of success with the Nokia 8 or not since the handset competes directly with heavyweights of the smartphone market like the Galaxy S8, LG GV30, and the upcoming iPhone 8.

[Via CNBC]