FedEx Recalling Some Galaxy Note 4 Batteries Due to Overheating Concerns With Counterfeit Batteries

By now, the events that transpired last year with the Galaxy Note 7 have been etched in the history books, with the phablet facing overheating issues, and, in many cases, catching fire and putting owners at risk.

Well, Samsung isn’t out of the woods yet, but this time the Galaxy Note 7 isn’t the culprit. Instead, it’s the Galaxy Note 4, but it doesn’t appear to be Samsung’s fault this time around, and this specific recall is different than what we saw last year with that particular phablet. This time around, 10,000 batteries are being recalled, and it’s only with handsets that have been refurbished by AT&T, and are distributed by FedEx Supply Chain.

According to the official announcement, some of the units may have been refurbished with “counterfeit” batteries, which, as a result, can lead to overheating and fire issues.

As it stands right now, the Galaxy Note 4’s design itself is also not a hindrance, since it supports a replaceable battery. Owners can pick up a battery in the meantime, until FedEx delivers replacement batteries to those affected by the recall. FedEx Supply Chain is currently sending out replacements now.

It’s worth noting that only one case of an overheating Galaxy Note 4 has surfaced, and there wasn’t any property damage or damage to persons, either. However, that being said, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission does say that anyone using one of the phones that falls under the recall should stop using it immediately.

When is the last time you saw a Galaxy Note 4 in the wild?

[via CPSC]