You Can Now Make Free Voice Calls Through Google Home in the US and Canada

Google today announced that Google Home users in the United States and Canada will soon be able to make free phone calls to their friends and families hands-free.

You will be able to call your friends and families with a simple voice command “Hey Google, call Dad” through your Google Home. That’s not all though; you can also call local businesses by just mentioning their location. Just say “Hey Google” followed by the store’s name and the street it is located at.

All calls from Google Home will be made over a Wi-Fi connection. For now, all calls originating from Google Home will show up as “Unknown” or “No Caller ID” on the recipient’s phone. Google promises to start displaying phone numbers by the end of the year though.

If you have a Google Voice account or are a Project Fi user, you can integrate your number with Google Assistant so that it shows up on the recipient’s phone when you call them through Google Home.

Do note that you will not be able to make international calls or calls to premium number until you link your Project Fi or Google Voice account with your Google Home. These calls will be billed normally and are not free. Lastly, you cannot make calls to 911 using Google Home as well.

[Via Google]

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