Some OnePlus 5 Units Reboot After Dialing 911 [Update: Fix Incoming]

OnePlus 5 front view

The latest flagship smartphone from OnePlus is seeing some negative feedback from some users, after they discovered their handset has a major issue.

Reddit user Nick Morelli discovered that his OnePlus 5 reboots after dialing 911. Morelli saw a building fire in Seattle recently and tried to dial emergency services from his phone. However, upon the call connecting, the phone itself suddenly rebooted, making it impossible for Morelli to inform 911 of the situation.

He posted the issue to Reddit and since then the thread has evolved, with a handful of OnePlus 5 owners all expressing their own issues with the situation. Even an owner in the United Kingdom, where the emergency number is 999, has faced the rebooting issue. The fact that the phone itself is preventing owners from contacting emergency services is a big deal, and one that OnePlus needs to address immediately.

The company did provide a statement to The Verge, though, stating that they are “looking into the issue.”

“We have contacted the customer and are currently looking into the issue. We ask anyone experiencing a similar situation to contact us at”

As it stands right now, the Reddit thread has a handful of owners saying their device reboots when trying to contact emergency services. And while many OnePlus 5 owners haven’t expressed the same problem, this isn’t the type of issue that would pop up on a regular basis. However, the fact it is a problem for any users, in both the United States and the United Kingdom, is a big deal.

Hopefully OnePlus has a fix soon.

Update: OnePlus has issued an official statement confirming that it is testing a software update to resolve the issue which should be rolled out soon.

We have been in touch with the customer and have tested a software update that has resolved the issue. We will be rolling out the software update shortly.

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