OnePlus 5 Owners Reporting High Idle Battery Drain After Latest Update

OnePlus 5 front view

Last week, OnePlus rolled out a software update for the OnePlus 5 to fix the infamous 911 bug issue on it. However, post the seemingly minor update, 5 owners have been complaining about excessive battery drain on their devices.

Forums online are filled with OnePlus 5 owners complaining about excessive battery drain on the handset even when their handset is sitting idle. Many users report of going to sleep with their phone’s battery life at around 40 percent and waking up to the battery level dropping to either single digit or the phone completely dead. The issue occurs irrespective of whether one’s device is connected to a Wi-Fi network or mobile data.

Many users report that restarting their device seems to have temporarily fixed the issue, though the trick might not work for you. OnePlus is currently investigating the issue and is asking affected users to upload logs for their diagnostic purposes.

OnePlus has been regularly rolling out software updates for the 5 since its launch to fix bugs and improve its performance. So, it is likely that the company will also be working on finding a fix for the high idle battery drain and roll out an update as soon as possible. Until then, OnePlus 5 owners should restart their handset once a day to keep the high battery drain issue at bay.

[Via Reddit]