Google Play Store Adding editorial pages for better curation

Finding new content can be tough, especially when there are not only so many apps and games out there, but so many great ones, too.

That’s where human curation comes in. Google is aiming to help in finding new and exciting content in the Google Play Store with brand new editorial pages, which will be part of the Editors’ Choice section beginning today. The idea is to make it easier to find content, but also give actual reasons as to why the content was chosen in the first place. The editors behind the curtain will be explaining why they chose the apps or games they did, which will be curated into specific themes, including “fitness,” “RPGs,” and others.

For Google the new editorial pages will be about showcasing the best experiences on Android in general, but also the best games and apps for a certain category:

“The Editors’ Choice section on Google Play has long been a fan favorite, but we’re kicking it up a notch by adding better curation to help you find high quality apps and games that you’ll love. With the introduction of new editorial pages in our revamped Editors’ Choice section, our Google Play editors hand-select apps and games with the best experiences on Android and compile them around popular themes (e.g. Fitness, video calling, RPGs, while offering context on why they love each individual app or game.”

The new editorial pages will launch today, and they will be available in Australia, Canada, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea, and the United States. New areas will get coverage “soon.”