Samsung Rolling Out Bixby Voice to Early Access Program Members

Samsung Galaxy S8

Last week, Samsung officially announced an Early Access Program for Bixby Voice in the United States, meant for owners of the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+.

Samsung said it would be rolling out the feature soon to those who signed up, but no exact date was provided. As reported by The Verge, though, the big day has arrived. Samsung is now rolling out Bixby Voice to those who signed up, and were accepted for, the early access program.

All of the standard features are there: Early testers will be able to use Bixby Voice to ask the software to open the camera app and take a selfie, or open the settings app and change the brightness of their display. There are a variety of different options that Bixby Voice users can take advantage of.

That includes the Labs section of the service, which will let users interact with third-party apps, too. That means you can ask Bixby Voice to open up the Facebook app and check notifications. Right now, the service works with Facebook, Instagram, Gmail, Uber, and others.

There’s still no word on when Bixby Voice will arrive for the public, but it’s at least one step closer.

[via The Verge]