Google Is Bringing Ad Filtering to Chrome in Early 2018

Google today announced new tools for publishers to ensure that they are able to serve ads that are in accordance with the standards set by the Coalition for Better Ads. The company also announced in its blog post that to provide the best user experience to users, it will be introducing ad filtering support in Chrome from early 2018.

Google is calling its ad blocking feature in Chrome as ad filtering since it will only stop showing ads that are not compliant with the Better Ads standard. These will include ads served or owned by Goole themselves as well.

The Coalition for Better Ads includes heavyweights like Google, Facebook, The Washington Post, and other major tech and publishing companies.

Unlike other ad blockers out there that block all ads except for publishers who pay them to ensure their ads are visible, Google’s ad filtering in Chrome will only block ads that lead to a poor user experience. So, for example, pop-up ads that open in a new tab will be blocked automatically by Chrome starting next year.

In addition to bringing ad filtering to Chrome, Google also announced a new program today called Funding Choices. This program allows publishers to show a customised message to visitors to their website using an ad blocker and then prompt them to enable ads or make a contribution to read their content. For now, Funding Choices is available in the US, UK, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand but Google will be rolling it out to other countries later this year.

[Via Google]