Android O is Android 8.0, but Remains Nameless

When Google hosted its I/O developers conference, it released the first developer preview for Android O soon after.

Unfortunately, Google not only kept the name of Android O a secret (with plenty of speculation that it will be Android Oreo), but also what version we should expect to see on our devices later this year. Now, thanks to the Developer Preview 3 of Android O making its way out to developers, we finally have the answer for one of those things.

The software shows that Android O is version number 8.0, which may or may not jive with what you were expecting. While Android O does indeed host a variety of new features, some argued that it wasn’t as big an update as it “could have been,” and therefore it might be Android 7.2 when it launches to the public — a minor upgrade to the publicly available Android 7.1.2 that’s out there right now.

But, Google apparently thinks it’s worth a big number upgrade, so Android 8.0 is what we’ll have on our devices later this year.

Who’s betting on Oreo?

[via Android Central]