Android O Feature Highlight: Faster Boot Times and Reduced App Loading Times

At its opening Google I/O 2017 keynote, Google provided some more information about Android O and the changes that it will bring. Among other things, Google says that Android O will be faster than any other version of Android in certain scenarios.

This includes faster boot times and app loading times. Google has already made improvements to boot times and OTA installation times in Android Nougat, but with Android O, it is making things even faster and better. The faster boot times should further reduce update installation times.

As for app loading times and performance, Google says that certain optimisations in Android O will boost an app’s performance without the developers even doing anything. In the example cited by Google, a typical workload in Google Sheets was up to 2x faster in Android O than it was under Android Nougat.

Google briefly mentioned that it has achieved faster boot times and app performance by tweaking the runtime and garbage collector.

Any kind of performance and speed improvements are always welcome, and with Android O, Google is able to deliver them to users without any intervention from developers so that the benefits are readily visible to all.

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