Samsung Galaxy S8 Reddish Tint Display Issue To Be Fixed With Software Update Next Week

Samsung Galaxy S8 Black

Amidst rising complaints from certain early Galaxy S8 customers about a reddish tint on the display, a Samsung official has confirmed that the company will roll out a software update next week to fix the issue.

While many people believed that the reddish tint on the display was being caused by a poor panel, that is apparently not the case.

The official statement from Samsung says that the company will upgrade the color optimisation feature on the Galaxy S8 to fix the issue. It also claims that users can right away fix the reddish tint on their display by tweaking the color optimisation option in the Settings menu.

“We plan to upgrade the color optimization feature next week through software updates,” an official at the tech giant said.

This is not the first time that users have complained about a specific color tint on their new device. On most devices, the issue goes away after a few days, while on others, customers end up getting a replacement unit. Samsung, however, seems confident that the reddish tint on the display of certain Galaxy S8 units can be easily fixed via a software update and is not linked to any kind of hardware issue.

[Via Yonhap]