You Will Soon Be Able To Use Your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone To Unlock Your Windows 10 PC/Tablet

Samsung today announced that its Samsung Flow app will soon allow users to use their Galaxy smartphone to unlock and manage notifications on their Galaxy tablet. In addition, the update will also let users use their Galaxy smartphone to unlock their Windows 10 PC or tablet.

Samsung is aiming to replicate the Continuity feature from Apple with its updated Samsung Flow app. Besides being able to unlock their devices and manage notifications, the app will also allow users to transfer content between two devices, continue browsing sessions started on one device to another, easily transfer large files, and automatically start mobile hotspot tethering when one device does not have internet connectivity.

All the above mentioned functionality will also be available on all Windows 10 running PCs and tablets.

Samsung will also be expanding the availability of the app to Galaxy S6, Galaxy S7, Galaxy A-series of smartphones, and many other popular Galaxy smartphones running Marshmallow or higher. The app will also work on all Galaxy and Windows 10 based tablets and PCs post the update.

The latest update to Samsung Flow with all the functionalities mentioned above is slated to go live in April.

The ability to unlock your Windows 10 PC or laptop just by using the fingerprint scanner of your Galaxy smartphone definitely sounds like a nice idea. However, it remains to be seen if Samsung’s implementation works in real-time or not.

[Via Samsung]