Here’s How 1Password for Android Will Work on Android O With The New Autofill API

Android O

Autofill API is among the major new API being introduced by Google in Android O. As the name suggests, the API will allow password managers and similar apps to easily fill login information in other apps without any hacks and workarounds.

How exactly will the new Autofill API in Android O work when implemented, though? The developer of 1Password has posted a short video showing an unreleased version of the app taking advantage of the new APIs in Android O to automatically fill the password in Twitter’s Android app. You can watch the video here.

Thanks to the new API, 1Password is able to easily enter the login credentials in Twitter’s Android app while still verifying your identity by scanning for your fingerprint.

LastPass for Android has been able to fill login information in other apps using a similar method as shown in the video above. However, due to the lack of proper APIs, LastPass implementation ended up using a lot more resources. In comparison, the new method that relies on the Autofill API is more polished and light on resources.

Other popular password managers like LastPass and Enpass should also be updated to make use of the new Autofill API in Android O when the final version of the OS drops later this year.

[Via AgileBits]