Samsung Galaxy S8 To Launch Globally on April 21; LG G6 on March 10

A new report originating from Korea claims that Samsung will be launching the Galaxy S8 globally on April 21, while the LG G6 — which is due to be unveiled early next week at MWC — will be available from March 10.

The Galaxy S8 launch date is a week longer than what previous reports suggested which pegged that the handset will launch by mid-April in most markets. The company has intentionally moved the release date by a week as it will provide it with enough time to stock ample units of the handsets.

As for the G6, rumors pointed to the handset releasing in its home market on March 9, with a U.S. launch scheduled for April 9. The latest report, however, suggests that LG has tweaked its plans and will launch the handset on March 10. Pre-orders for the handset will be taken from March 2-9. By announcing the G6 at MWC and launching it in early March, LG will end up having a 42-day head start over Samsung. If the G6 is impressive and the company is able to capitalise the additional time gained from the early launch, it should be able to eat away quite a bit into the Galaxy S8’s market. However, to launch the LG G6 early, LG has had to make use of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 821 chip from last year which might not go down well with enthusiasts.

Samsung can push forward the date of Galaxy S8 pre-orders depending on how the LG G6 does. The latest estimates peg the pre-orders for the handset to start in Korea from April 13.

[Via ET News]