Samsung to Share Galaxy Note 7 Investigation Details on January 23

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Samsung today announced that after “several months of comprehensive investigations,” its executives will reveal the reason behind the Galaxy Note 7 explosions at a press conference in Seoul, South Korea on January 23rd, 2017. 

Samsung and other independent third-party organisations who conducted their own investigations will both share their findings. In addition, Samsung will also be detailing the new steps it has taken post the Note 7 incident to prevent such incidents in the future. Samsung will be live-streaming the event globally for all interested users to see over at its website.

The probe results from Samsung allegedly leaked earlier this week and put the blame on the batteries supplied to the company from its suppliers. However, another Chinese source claimed that the explosions were caused by the failure of the thermal management software and the lack of internal space inside the Note 7 for the heat to escape properly.

With Samsung formally announcing its finding next week, the whole Note 7 debacle will finally come to an end. While the fiasco did lead Samsung to lose billions of dollars, the company has managed to recover well from it thanks to its aggressive marketing and various measures it took to please its affected customers. The Note 7 fiasco has also led Samsung to reportedly delay the launch of the Galaxy S8 by a month as it wants to ensure that the handset goes through a stringent QA process.

[Via Samsung]