Samsung Confirms There Will Be a Galaxy Note 8

Despite the Galaxy Note 7 making a huge dent in Samsung’s bottom line and goodwill, the Korean company will continue to use the Galaxy Note moniker for its future devices. As confirmed by Samsung’s mobile head D.J. Koh today, the next flagship phablet from Samsung will be called the Galaxy Note 8.

Koh made this revelation while talking to CNET after he announced Samsung’s official investigation details into the Galaxy Note 7 fires.

“I will bring back a better, safer and very innovative Note 8,” Koh said.

Koh says that during the company’s investigative process, it found a lot of loyal Note users which the company possibly cannot leave. This does seem to be true since despite Samsung recalling the Note 7 months ago, many customers continue to use the handset even after multiple software updates from Samsung have limited its capabilities.

Tim Baxter, president of Samsung’s US division, says that there are plenty of Note 4 and Note 5 owners out there who are looking for a viable upgrade, and such customers have more than made it clear that they want a Note 8.

Samsung had announced earlier this month that it has already received 96 percent of the Galaxy Note 7 units sold to customers, months after it started the recall process. Many customers, however, continue to use the handset despite repeated reminders from Samsung and carriers to return the device. This has even forced Verizon to block outgoing calls for customers who are still using the Note 7 on its network.

The Galaxy Note 7 might have left a bad taste in the mouth of many customers and even potentially injured a few, but there are still plenty of Galaxy Note loyalists out there who are eagerly waiting for the next Note iteration from the Korean company.

[Via CNET]