LG Hosting MWC Event on February 26

When LG confirmed that its upcoming flagship, the G6, would not feature a modular design, the company also dropped a hint that the handset could be unveiled at this year’s Mobile World Congress.

That show is set to kick off on Monday, February 27, so it is fitting that LG has begun sending out invitations for an event it is hosting on Sunday, February 26. Many different manufacturers are going this route, using the day before the event to announce their new device(s).

LG isn’t any different, sending out “Save the Date” invites for February 26. The invite includes the phrase, “See More, Play More.” but doesn’t include any further details on what the company plans on unveiling. The easiest guess is that LG will announce the G6, and use Mobile World Congress as a launching off point for the new flagship.

Are you looking forward to the new G6?

[via Android Central]