How to Get Messenger Style Chat Bubbles for Any Chat App on Android

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Facebook’s Messenger’s chat head style bubbles are just bloody useful. They stay on the side of the screen, almost hidden, until you need them. Just tap on the circle, and the messaging thread shows up on top of whatever is on the screen. Type your reply, send it along, tap the bubble and it’s out of the way again. Chat bubbles are so useful it’s no wonder that Android developers are trying to use it in many creative ways – that’s where the floating browser concept comes in.

But the worst aspect has to be that you get used to Messenger bubbles but then you have to open the app like Hangouts or WhatsApp to reply. Flychat wants to do away with that.

What is Flychat

Flychat is an app that brings the chat heads style bubbles for a lot of popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Hangouts, Textra, Line, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Plus Messenger and even Slack.

flychat chat bubbles android 3

It works just like Facebook Messenger. The circle shows up with the person’s DP. You can dock it to the edges of the screen. And you can fling it to the bottom of the screen to remove it.

How to Start Using Flychat

Setting up Flychat is pretty simple. Open the app and you’ll be asked to enable two different permissions for the floating function to work. You can also enable notification access for the app.

flychat chat bubbles android 4

Then from the app’s home screen, you’ll be able to enable/disable the chat heads function for the supported apps that you have installed.

How Well Does Flychat Work

In my experience, Flychat works pretty well. Especially for WhatsApp conversation. As soon as the notification comes in, you see the chat head circle, with the person’s DP on it. Tap it and you’ll see the message right there on the top. Type the reply and send it along.

flychat chat bubbles android 1

The only issue is that this is not a “real” messaging thread. You won’t be able to see your entire conversation here. It’s just the stuff that came in via the notification. But Flychat will remember all the messages that happened in the current state. That is, before you flung the bubble to the bottom of the screen to remove it. Once you do that, the conversation’s memory is gone.

Download: Flychat

Which Messaging Apps Do You Use?

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