How to Customize the Alert Slider on OnePlus 3/3T

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OnePlus 3 (and now the 3T) are among those rare Android phones that have a physical mute switch. It might not sound like a big deal but it’s a huge help. Putting your hand in your pocket, finding the slider, and shifting it, solely based on the feel thereby turning your phone silent mode is, well, a pure joy.

But it’s possible that you’re not pleased by OxygenOS’s limited customization options for these three modes on the Alert Slider. Thankfully, this is still Android we’re talking about. And in Android land, if it works, it can be customized till death.

How to Customize Profiles

To do this, we’ll be using an app called Notification Slider. It works on OnePlus devices with the Alert Slider.

The app works differently based on whether your device is rooted or not. If you’re rooted and have Xposed installed, you get access to advanced controls. The default ones are still pretty good.

Once you’ve installed the app and granted Notification and Usage Access permissions (it’s important for the app to work), you can do a couple of different things. The app’s home screen shows a listing for “Priority Only” and “Silent” modes. You can tap on each to get customization options.

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For instance, you can decide calls from which contacts can get through, if repeat callers are allowed and more. This is the system setting.

To create custom profiles, tap on the hamburger menu and select “Profile Configuration”. This will require a Xposed plugin, though.

How to Configure The Slider

Once you’ve configured the priority and silent mode, you can decide which position of the slider you want to invoke what.

Tap on the hamburger menu and select “Slider Configuration”.

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From here you can select what you want to happen when you put the slider in the Top, Middle, and Bottom position.

How To Launch Apps Using Alert Slider

Other than invoking a profile, you can also do some interesting things with the Alert Slider if you aren’t interested in the whole mute thing.

The app lets you launch any application, the camera or the flashlight when you put the slider in any position. Which means you can put the slider in the top position and in the second launch the camera – which can be really handy.

Download: Notification Slider

How Have You Customized the Alert Sider?

How have you customized and personalised the Alert Slider on your OnePlus device? Share with us in the comments below.