BlackBerry Mercury Teased for MWC Event on February 25

While a variety of different companies have events planned for February 26, one day ahead of the start of Mobile World Congress, BlackBerry is looking to get ahead of the curve.

The official BlackBerry Twitter account has tweeted out a brief look at their upcoming Android-based device, codenamed the Mercury, which it debuted earlier this month at the Consumer Electronics Show. The company is apparently ready to announce all of the key details for the upcoming handset, as the big reveal date is set for February 25.

TCL is manufacturing the handset, which will feature a hardware keyboard as one of its major bullet points in the features column. The device will also feature a USB Type-C port, and that hardware keyboard can also be used as a trackpad for navigating on-screen elements.

We’ll learn all of the finger details about the Mercury in just about a month’s time. Are you looking forward to the upcoming device?

[via @BBMobile]