New BlackBerry Android Device With Physical Keyboard Leaks


BlackBerry‘s CEO, John Chen, has already confirmed the company will continue to launch smartphones with physical keyboards, so seeing one in the wild isn’t too surprising.

For fans of the BlackBerry brand, and especially physical QWERTY keyboards, there’s a new handset that has been caught in the wild that might be worth paying attention to. At least, based on looks. The images were published to Weibo recently, and show a handset with a touchscreen above a physical keyboard.

Unfortunately there aren’t any other details to go along with the photos. There are hardware buttons on the side of the handset, which would appear to be screen lock/power, and volume rockers, but otherwise there isn’t much known about this upcoming handset.

Based on what you see here, would you consider picking up a new smartphone with a physical keyboard?

[via CrackBerry; Weibo]