Netflix Gains Offline Playback for All Streaming Plans


Netflix has an expansive library of content, from TV shows, documentaries, and movies, but for some customers it’s a bit limited in availability due to hogging plenty of bandwidth.

For anyone who’s been stuck in a traffic jam, or on an airplane without Wi-Fi, or on a road trip, and who has wanted to catch up on a Netflix show or movie, that time is finally here. Netflix has confirmed that it now supports offline playback for a variety of different content on the platform. It’s available for any streaming plan, and it’s present on both Android and iOS.

The content available to download is pretty limited at first, but the company has plans to expand that over time. Of course, Netflix’s first-party content, like its list of MARVEL shows, its original movies, and more are all offered. But there are some third-party shows available to download, too, as Steve Kovach points out. Netflix will broaden the scope over time, but the evolving door of content on the streaming service might make it hard to keep downloadable content around for awhile.


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[via @netflix]