‘Glossy Black’ Samsung Galaxy S7 edge Reportedly Photographed in the Wild


It’s only been two days since a report surfaced that suggested Samsung planned on spurring the Galaxy S7 lineup with a brand new color option.

That report suggested Samsung had its eyes set on a “Jet Black” Galaxy S7, which would compete directly with the same color option launched by Apple with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus earlier this year. With the Galaxy Note 7 not available for Samsung, offering a new color option for its aging flagship from earlier this year was just one more option to consider.

Now, thanks to a Weibo account reportedly operated by a Samsung official, we are getting the first look at what a glossy, or, a really glossy, Galaxy S7 edge looks like.


As SamMobile points out, the initial report is basically correct. Samsung does indeed have a very glossy variant of its aging flagship on the way, but it’s the Galaxy S7 edge that’s apparently getting the new coat of paint, and not the standard Galaxy S7. Which would certainly make sense, considering the Galaxy S7 edge is the only model to get the Coral Blue treatment, too.

The new “Glossy Black” Galaxy S7 edge is indeed shiny, so it will more than likely catch plenty of attention. Unfortunately we don’t yet know where that will be, considering a launch date hasn’t been officially confirmed just yet, nor has pricing been revealed.

What do you think of the Glossy Black Galaxy S7 edge?

[via SamMobile; Weibo]