Facebook Messenger Adds Games like Pac-Man, Galaga, and More


Facebook sees Messenger as a primary way for people to communicate with friends and family, or even acquaintances, and apparently a little friendly competition isn’t off the table, either.

The social network has officially unveiled games within Messenger. There are a variety to choose from, many of which are well-known titles, like Pac-Man and Galaga, and even a more recent hit, Words With Friends. Users just need to select the game controller option when inside a conversation thread, and they’ll be able to play the game right from their device.

Once your turn is finished, the game will then show the person you’re talking with your high score, and then give them the opportunity to play the game, too, in hopes of beating your score. Users can search for games in the Messenger search field as well.

Facebook says the new gaming feature within Messenger will be available in 30 countries initially, and the rollout begins immediately on both Android and iOS devices.

[via Facebook]