Best Apps for Original and Curated Wallpaper Collections for Android


There’s no shortage of wallpaper apps on Android. There’s a hotbed of wallpaper apps that are more than happy to throw millions (really) of wallpapers at your face. But that’s quantity, not quality. What you really want on the beautiful display of your Android device, is quality wallpapers. And that’s what we’re here for today.

Below you’ll find HD wallpapers, that are all awesome. Because they’re either original works of arts, created especially as (portrait) wallpapers for Android phones, or wallpapers that are curated by professionals (or passionate people). So when you download these wallpapers, you only get the best of the best. And as there’s no need to swipe through millions of them, you’ll find something you like fairly quickly.

1. Evolve Wallpapers (Originals)


Evolve Wallpapers is a collection of original wallpapers created by David Hanz. You’ll find about 150 wallpapers, more being added every week. As the wallpapers are created by one person, there’s a shared aesthetic between all of them. If you’re a fan of minimal wallpapers, painting like pastel colors, and generally landscapes that are chippy (as supposed to dreary), you’ll like Evolve Wallpapers.

If you liked the wallpapers from Firewatch, or if you like Pixar movies, you’ll find a similar aesthetic here. The app supports Muzei so you can circle all the wallpapers.

Download: Evolve Wallpapers ($1.99, currently on sale at $0.99)

2. Facets (Originals)


You might know about Facets from old MKBHD videos. Well, the wallpaper collection with the Daft Punk feel by Australian artist Justin Maller is still going strong.

And if you download the app, you’ll find a collection of all the old wallpapers (in the Facets 365 collection) – they’re still pretty cool.

But the developer has added a new collection of over 60 images, all in full HD. To get access to it, you’ll need to buy access to Facets Premium, which is $0.99.

Download: Facets ($0.99)

3. Wallpaper by Google (Originals)


One of the things I really like in the Pixel phones are the new wallpapers. While the live wallpapers are still Pixel exclusive, you can get to other wallpapers, the really cool top-down shots from Google Earth, and landscape shots, directly from Google.

For Google now has its own wallpaper app, simply called Wallpaper. Currently, there are Earth, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Life and Textures categories.

You can set each category to switch wallpapers every day.

Download: Wallpaper by Google

4. The Terra Collection (Originals)


Continuing the theme of top-down Google Earth images, there’s The Terra Collection. The app collects 141 such 4800×4800 wallpapers, created by the developer from mapping services.

Download: The Terra Collection

5. nowPaper (Originals)


Google Now (in all its glory) is slowly dying, being replaced by Google Assistant. But if you used Google Now in 2014 days (or if you take a look at the Calendar app), you’re aware of Google Now’s unique style. The modernist, sharp lines, with candy like colors.

Well, Alex Pasquarella has taken upon him to create a collection of wallpapers based on the same aesthetic and they look pretty good. If you’d like to revive Google Now, check out the app.

Download: nowPaper ($0.99)

6. Uttam (Curated)


I like Uttam for what it isn’t more than what it is. Uttam isn’t an app with loud Material Design, overflowing ads, or a 50 million wallpaper collection. It’s a very simple app that curates the best wallpapers (according to the creator of the app) form a place that’s already a heavily curated collection of the best free stock photographs (Unsplash).

Download: Uttam

7. Wonderwall (Curated)


Wonderwall bills itself as a “photographer friendly” wallpaper app. But it’s not clear how. What is clear though, is that the app offers a collection of what can be only described as cool nature wallpapers.

The app only has the following categories – Mountains, Waterfall, Sea, Bridge, Road, Fog, Urban, and Space. And in each of those, you’ll find a handful, sometimes a couple of dozen wallpapers. But they’re all pretty good. I found myself starring a lot of the mountain and urban wallpapers (personally my favorite categories).

Wonderwall also has an Autoset feature where it will automatically set a new wallpaper from its collection, everyday.

Download: Wonderwall

8. Wallrox (Curated)


Wallrox is a weird wallpaper app. All it does is it curates stock wallpapers from all the different manufacturers, devices, ROMs and more. So if you looked at a product shot of a Samsung phone and thought to yourself, how do I get this wallpaper? Wallrox is the answer.

Download: Wallrox

Your Favorite Wallpaper Apps?

I’m sure we must have missed some really cool wallpaper app that’s generating original wallpapers every week. If so, share your recommendations with us in the comments below.