Google Allo 2.0 Update Adds Multi-Window Support, Direct Sharing, Android Wear Support, More

Google Allo

Google has released the first major update to Allo since it first launched its latest messaging client in the third week of September. The latest update adds support for a bunch of features that Google has introduced in Nougat. 

This includes support for multi-window multitasking, Direct Sharing, and Direct Replies. With support for multi-window multitasking, Allo users running Nougat can use the application in split-screen mode alongside other apps. To open Allo in split-screen mode, open the app and then proceed to hold the Recent Apps button. You can then select any other application that you want to run side-by-side to Allow.

With Direct Sharing, which Google first introduced in Marshmallow, Allo users can now directly share content to their favorite contacts right from the share menu. Sadly, since Direct Sharing is so poorly implemented, the feature only sounds good on paper.

Other new features introduced with this update include support for GIFs keyboard and app shortcuts, which will only be available to Pixel and Android 7.1 running devices out there. For Android Wear users, Allo now has a basic Android Wear app making it easier to reply to chats right from your wrist.

Lastly, with support for Direct Replies, Allo users can respond to conversation right from the notification shade without having to open the application.

While the features introduced in Allo with this update were much needed, the app still lacks plenty of other features that are present in other messaging apps. This includes a desktop client, being able to sync your chats across devices and more.

Are you still using Allo? Or have you given up on the app completely?

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