Google Is Reportedly Testing ‘Andromeda’ on Nexus 9


Yesterday, a report suggested that we can see Google announce the merger of ChromeOS with Android — internally codenamed “Andromeda” — at its October 4th event. Suited for tablets and hybrid devices, Andromeda will help in offering a better user experience on such devices where Android currently fails terribly.

Now, as per 9to5Google, Google is internally testing Andromeda on Nexus 9. Various codes and commits in AOSP suggest that Andromeda requires significantly more powerful set of hardware to run on. Files in Android 7.0 Nougat show a “SurfaceComposition” test that is a “set of low-level tests to measure graphics performance.” It also mentions that Andromeda devices “require higher performance score.” The minimum score needed for a device to run Andromeda is apparently 8, with the 2-year old Nexus 9 scoring 8.8. For comparison, to run Android, devices need to have a score of at least 4.0.


While Google is internally testing Andromeda on the Nexus 9, we should not assume that the company will be making its new Android-ChromeOS hybrid available for the 2-year old HTC-made tablet. For Nougat, Google/Sony tested the OS on some Snapdragon 801 powered devices, but when the final version was released, traces and support for Snapdragon 801 was dropped from AOSP. It is, however, very likely that we will see Google release a build of Andromeda for the Pixel C since on paper it looks like an apt device for the new OS.

[Via 9to5Google]