Galaxy Note 7 Explosion Leads to Family’s Jeep Being Totaled


A Galaxy Note 7 explosion in St. Petersburg led to a family’s Jeep Grand Cherokee being turned into ashes.

Nathan Dornacher had gone to a yard sale on Labor Day morning with his family. After returning home, the family got busy unloading the car while Nathan left his Note 7 charging in the center console of his Jeep Grand Cherokee. While the family was inside the house, Dornacher’s wife Lydia told their 8-year-old daughter and their service dog to go outside and get back inside the car. The dog, however, realised something was up and started barking.

When Nathan looked outside, he saw his Cherokee engulfed in flames. The fire was eventually controlled by the fire crew, but the car had almost turned to ashes by then. Nathan told Fox13News that his Cherokee was his pride and that he had made many modifications to it.

Samsung has contacted the family about the incident and is looking into it. The Korean company has already issued a voluntary recall of the Note 7. It has asked all Note 7 owners to head over to their nearest Samsung or other specified retail stores to get their Note 7 exchanged for free.

While there have been quite a few reports of Galaxy Note 7 exploding across the world over the last couple of weeks, none of them — thankfully — have been dangerous. The worst case, up until now, was reported earlier this week when an exploding Galaxy Note 7 led the owner to receive a $1800 AUD bill in hotel damages. Nathan’s burning Cherokee, however, easily sits at the top of the list now.

[Via Fox13News]