Sprint Unveils ‘Unlimited Freedom’ Starting at $60 Per Month


T-Mobile just unveiled its truly unlimited plan with T-Mobile ONE, and now Sprint is getting in on the truly unlimited plan, too.

Sprint’s calling it “Unlimited Freedom,” and it shares plenty of similarities with T-Mobile’s offering. Namely, Unlimited Freedom customers will get access to unlimited data, talk, and text, but there are caveats to getting that unlimited access. As far as pricing goes, Sprint is offering the first line for $60 per month, while the second line is $40 per month. Lines three through eight will cost $30 per month.

The main caveat with Sprint is that data is “streamlined” in various ways. That includes video content, games, and music. Sprint says videos streamed over the LTE network will be capped at 480p, and music will be capped at 500Kbps. Meanwhile, games will be capped at 2Mbps. Sprint says there is “unlimited LTE data for most everything else.”

The new Unlimited Freedom launches on Friday, August 19.

[via Sprint Newsroom]