Google Will Focus on Business Users with Hangouts Going Forward


Earlier today, Google started rolling out Duo, its new simple video calling app for Android and iOS. With the impending release of Allo, a new messaging client from the company, everyone has been wondering what will happen to Hangouts.

While Google has already confirmed that Hangouts is here to stay, the future of the messaging client has looked bleak ever since the company announced Allo and Duo at I/O this year. As per Engadget, Google plans on keeping Hangouts alive and a standalone product that will now focus on business users.

“Because Hangouts is built on a Google account, because it’s deeply integrated with Google apps, the Apps suite [things like Drive, Docs, etc.], Gmail, Calendar and so on, it’s seen much more success in the enterprise,” Fox told me. “It will increasingly focus on that kind of group collaboration enterprise productivity space.”

Unlike Hangouts, Duo and Allo do not require a Google account to work. Instead, they are associated to a phone number just like WhatsApp and only work on one device at any given moment.

However, with Hangouts now being focused towards enterprise users, it can only mean one thing: it is likely to receive less major updates from Google. Not that it was receiving frequent updates from Google all this while. Hangouts has always been treated by Google as a stepchild and with Allo and Duo arriving, things are unlikely to change.

[Via Engadget]