BlackBerry First OEM to Patch QuadRooter Vulnerability, But It Hardly Matters

Blackberry Priv

BlackBerry today announced that it has become the first Android OEM to patch the QuadRooter vulnerability that affects millions of Android devices out there. The Canadian company mentions in its review that it has already fixed three of the four QuadRooter vulnerabilities with the August security patch for the Priv and DTEK50.

As for the fourth vulnerability, BlackBerry is now rolling out a patch to fix that as well. The update will be available for both of the company’s devices: the Priv and DTEK50 . The update will be available for all unlocked variants of the handsets immediately, with carrier variants receiving the update by the end of this week.

It’s not that without the fourth patch, your Priv or DTEK50 are vulnerable to QuadRooter. Thanks to the secure boot chain in both devices users’ privacy are protected from being compromised in any way.

Security is a key selling point for BlackBerry devices, so it is commendable to see the company roll out a patch for QuadRooter so soon. Nonetheless, if you don’t own a BlackBerry device, you should also not be worried about QuadRooter harming your device in any way. There are multiple security measures implemented by Google that ensure malware infested apps based on the QuadRooter vulnerability or any other exploit are not able to harm your Android  device. After all, there have been zero publicly documented cases of QuadRooter exploit being used to steal data or personal information from someone’s Android device.

[Via BlackBerry]