BlackBerry Brings the BlackBerry Experience to All Android 6.0+ Devices

BlackBerry Hub

BlackBerry today announced that it is making its productivity suite of applications, the BlackBerry Hub+ from BlackBerry 10, to all Android devices running Marshmallow or higher.

BlackBerry Hub+ consists of a productivity suite of applications, including Calendar,Eemail, and Password Keeper, to help you manage your multiple inbox and appointments. The Hub acts as a unified inbox or hub for all your notifications that makes it easier to manage them.

BlackBerry’s suite of apps have only been available for BlackBerry 10 running devices and its Android smartphones, the Priv and the recently unveiled DTEK50. By making the suite of apps available to all Android devices, the company is allowing anyone to try out the BlackBerry experience.

BlackBerry Hub will be available as a free trial for 30 days, post which users can use the app by paying 99 cents a month or continue with the free version albeit with ads. The free trial will include access to the Calendar and Password Keeper as well. The paid version of the suite will include access to other BlackBerry apps like Contacts, Tasks, Search, Device, Notes, and Launcher.

In its announcement, BlackBerry also notes that it is working on bringing the Hub to Android 5.0 running devices, as well as the whole BlackBerry experience to iOS.

Download: BlackBerry Hub

[Via BlackBerry]