Best Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge Custom ROMs

Samsung Galaxy S7 edge - front view

Custom ROMs might not be as popular as before thanks to the advent of Xposed, but they are not entirely redundant as well. The Galaxy S7 and S7 edge might be near darn perfect, but not everyone likes all the bloat that Touchwiz comes with, even if it’s not too in-your-face this time around.

So, if you have already rooted your Galaxy S7 or S7 edge and are looking for some custom ROMs to install on it, check out our recommendation of some of the best custom ROMs available for the handsets.

Do note that all the ROMs mentioned below are for the Exynos variant of the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge.

For Galaxy S7 edge:

Renovate Edge

Renovate S7 edge

Based on the latest firmware for the Galaxy S7 edge (G935F), Renovate Edge is a debloated ROM that comes with a number of additional tweaks and customization options. This includes being able to install the stock iOS emoji, improved video recording quality, battery bar, App lock, extended power menu, and more.

Since the developer of the ROM uses SVN to push updates, there is no need for you to download the full ROM whenever he pushes out an update. Instead, you can setup the build environment on your PC and then build update packages for the ROM by only downloading parts of the ROM that have changed.

Download: Renovate Edge

Sac23 Note7 ROM

The Note 7 is yet to make its debut in the United States, but the new version of Touchwiz that the handset runs on has already been ported over to the Galaxy S7 edge. While there are a couple of other similar ROMs for the handset, none of them are bug-free and completely stable like Sac23’s ROM.

The developer has kept the stock look of the new Touchwiz intact, with only some basic tweaks like animation time being tweaked. There is also a custom kernel included with the ROM along with a modded launcher, multi-window for all apps, and an advanced reboot menu.

Even though the ROM is perfectly stable for daily use, expect to run into some bugs and battery life issues every once in a while.

Download: Sac23 N7 ROM

If for some reason, you did not like Sac23’s Note 7 ROM port, you can try out OnTheEdge UX as well. The ROM is based on a ported Note 7 firmware with all features like Blue Light filter and theme manager working as intended.


Superman-ROM is one of the most popular custom ROMs available for the Galaxy S7 edge. Based on the very latest firmware, the ROM packs in almost every tweak and mod that you’d want. To ensure that the features don’t end up overwhelming new users, the ROM features an aroma installer that lets you customise the ROM at the time of installation to ensure that you only install those features and mods that you want.

Some features of the ROM are as follows:

  • iOS emojis
  • Xposed installer
  • Viper4Android
  • Rounded SystemUI
  • Advanced Power menu
  • Debloated
  • Multi-window support for all apps
  • Improved sound quality

If you are looking for out-and-out the most feature-packed custom ROM for your Galaxy S7 edge, you cannot go wrong with Superman-ROM.

Download: Superman-ROM

Superman-ROM is also available for the Galaxy S7. Here’s the link to its thread on XDA.

For Galaxy S7

OnTheEdge UX

Among the smallest TouchWiz ROM for the Galaxy S7 at 1.2GB, the ROM offers the new Note 7 Grace UX with all core functionalities working. This includes features like VoLTE and Blue light filter, and the developer has also fixed all the performance and stability issues that are present in other Note 7 ROM ports for the Galaxy S7. The debloated ROM also has the latest August security patch and comes with other mods like dual sound mod for louder sound output.

Download: OnTheEdge UX

Omega ROM

Omega ROM is a renowned ROM in the third-party development scene for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy devices. The ROM packs in almost all the customization options that one could ask for. And the customization features can be neatly managed using the included Omega Files app that lets you apply only those mods that you want to use.

The app also offers access to a plethora of boot animations and other UI graphics that you can easily change from within it.

Download: Omega ROM

Which is your favorite ROM for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge? Or are you completely happy with the stock ROM of the handset and have not felt the need to flash a custom ROM on it? Drop a comment and let us know!