Pokémon GO Arrives in France and Hong Kong


France has become the last European Bloc country to receive Pokémon GO, as the craze explodes through the streets and takes the nation by storm. Unofficial reports claim that the reason behind the delay in the launch has been the spate of recent terror attacks in France and Niantic wanting there to be a period of mourning for the victims of the mindless massacre.

The only news released by Niantic was via a tweet that said that Pokemon GO was now available for download in France.

POkemon Go tweet

Subsequently reports have released that the Pokemon GO app had crossed well over 50 Million Downloads in the Play Store, though these figures are neither from Google or from Niantic or Nintendo, they are speculated by the team at Survey Monkey and by their own admission, this is an oversimplification of the real number as it still does not include APK downloads and other means that players have employed to get their hands on the game.

Niantic also announced about 2 hours ago that Pokemon GO servers in Hong kong have been live.

So far, reports from users have said that the servers have been stable with no reports of crashes. This would make Hong Kong the second Asian nation where Pokemon GO is available for download since its launch almost 3 weeks ago. There are already reports on Reddit of players in Hong Kong taking to the streets as they begin capturing gyms and partaking in a game that will forever be remembered for ushering a new era of gaming.

As the rest of Asia collectively holds it breath, crosses its fingers and makes contracts with God, we wish to once again remind all players to stay vigilant and be mindful of their surroundings as they go on their personal quest.

[More info: Pokemon GO Asia Reddit]