How to Install Pokémon GO on Your Android Device


Pokémon Go was released by Nintendo and Niantic last week on the Google Play Store. However, due to the heavy demand, the company only made the game available in certain parts of the world. Right now, the game is not available for download in the Asian and European regions simply because of the excessive server load.

The companies have already clarified that they will be launching the game on the Google Play Store for Asia and Europe within the next days. So, if you live in Asia or Europe, are you supposed to miss out on all thePokémon fun? Not really. One of the advantages of Android is that you can always sideload the APK of an app or game easily.

So, download the Pokémon Go APK for Android from here, transfer it to your Android device, install it, and start catching Pokémon around you. By the time the game is made available in the European and Asian Play Store and your friends install it, you should have a sizeable collection of Pokémon.