OnePlus Co-Founder Comments on the OnePlus 3’s Display Calibration Issue; ‘Fix’ Incoming

OnePlus 3

It has hardly been a week since the OnePlus 3 was unveiled and went on sale, but the handset has had its fair share of controversy. Firstly, an issue with the phone’s RAM management was discovered, which was then quickly clarified as Carl Pei as being an intentional trade-off from the company for a perfect balance between performance and battery life.

Now, in AnandTech’s review of the handset, the publication noted that the ‘Optic AMOLED’ display — which is just a rebranded Super AMOLED panel from Samsung — was similar to the AMOLED panel found on the original Galaxy S in many ways, including calibrating the gamut for NTSC instead of the more popular sRGB. This lead many people to say that OnePlus had to go for an inferior panel on the OnePlus 3 to save cost — to keep the price in check.

This undue criticism of the OnePlus 3 display has led Carl Pei to comment on the matter and explain the company’s decision of going with a 1080p AMOLED screen on the handset. In his rant, the OnePlus co-founder says that the decision to go with a 1080p AMOLED display on the OnePlus 3 was a product decision and not a cost decision. He further added that the BOM (Bills of Materials) of the OnePlus 3 is among the most expensive in the market, if not the most expensive. Carl proceeds to confirm that the display on the OnePlus 3 has not been tuned to sRGB since that is a very niche requirement. Carl justifies this by saying that even Google included the sRGB mode inside the hidden Developer Settings option on the Nexus 6P because it is not a feature that most consumers are likely going to use. However, due to the feedback received from customers, the company will be adding an sRGB mode for the display in the next Oxygen OS OTA.

The whole rant is definitely worth a read if you think that most of the product decisions taken by OnePlus are taken to keep the price of their devices in check. You can read Carl’s rant over at the source link below.

[Via r/OnePlus]