HTC 10 ‘Thank You’ Gifts Reach Early Adopters


Not long after HTC had announced that it would send “Thank You” gifts or tokens of appreciation to early adopters of the HTC 10, the internet was rife with speculation. Putting a rest to all the questions, comes the first reports of the gifts reaching early adopters.

HTC has sent out to the early adopters an extra USB Type-C cable as well as the UH OH protection that comes at no extra cost. The USB wire might seem a tad bit cheap by HTC, but there has been careful consideration before they came to the conclusion of giving this charge wire for the new Type-C port on the HTC 10.

HTC Thanks

When people adopted the first micro USB wires, the change meant that many times one would be found searching for a wire and in that endeavour watch as their battery slowly depleted to obscurity. To prevent that debacle from being faced by early adopters of the HTC 10, the company has actually done us a favour. For users who require a charger at home and one at work, or just to keep a spare, this extra wire for emergent technology is a blessing in disguise.

So for those who have yet to receive the mystery gift, you now know what you are looking forward to. Thank you indeed, HTC.

[Via Phone Arena]