Google’s Support Site Lists End of Guaranteed Update Timeframe for Nexus Devices


Google has listed the exact dates until which it will be providing guaranteed software updates for its Nexus devices. It is already widely known that Google provides its Nexus devices with software updates for at least 2 years from their availability, with security updates being available for 3 years from availability or 18 months after the device is stopped selling on the Google Store, whichever is longer.

However, exact dates are always nice to know as they help in setting expectations right and avoid any kind of confusion.

Below is what Google has listed on its website currently:

  • Nexus 6P – September 2017
  • Nexus 5X – September 2017
  • Nexus 9 – October 2016
  • Nexus 6 – October 2016
  • Nexus 5 – October 2015
  • Nexus 7 (2013) – July 2015
  • Nexus 10 – November 2014

Keep in mind that this is the date until which Google is guaranteeing updates for the above devices. It is likely that these devices will receive minor Android updates post this update as well, but there is no guarantee that major Android updates will also be making their way to these devices past the above mentioned date. Nonetheless, expecting your Android device to receive major updates three years after its launch is a bit too much to ask for because by then the phone would have already run its course of life.

[Source Google Support; Via Reddit]