Top 15 Quad HD Wallpapers for LG G5


LG was among the very first OEMs to switch to a Quad HD resolution screen on its flagship smartphone, with the launch of the LG G3 in 2014. Continuing that trend, the company’s latest flagship, the LG G5, also comes with a beautiful Quad HD resolution screen.

Sure, the G5’s screen is smaller than its predecessors, but it offers higher brightness levels and features better contrast. One of the problems with Quad HD resolution phones, is that finding wallpapers for them can be tough. Yes, there are plenty of high-end Android flagships that come with a Quad HD resolution screen, but it is still easier to find Full HD resolution wallpapers for them. To make your life a bit easier, we have collated 15 beautiful wallpapers for the LG G5. These vivd wallpapers will show off the beautiful screen of the LG G5 in all its glory.

To download the wallpapers, click on it, then right click and select the ‘Save Image as’ option.

Alternatively, you can download a ZIP file containing all the wallpapers from above from here.