Moto X 2016 Features New Design in New Leaks

2016 Moto X leak

It’s inching closer to a year since Motorola launched its flagship Moto X last year, so of course the Rumor Mill has what’s coming next all primed for those keeping tabs on this year’s flagship.

Thanks to HelloMotoHK, a frequent leaker of all things Motorola, has published a pair of renders of what is believed to be the Moto X 2016 flagship handset. (There’s an image of a black-and-gold handset that, according to Evan Blass (@evleaks), isn’t a Moto X.) First and foremost we can see a very distinct design, something quite a bit different than what we’ve seen in previous Motorola-branded smartphones. There’s a bigger, round camera housing on the back, and there appears to be a metal edge as well.

That camera housing on the back also appears to protrude just a bit, too, which should have some interesting feedback from the masses.

The 2016 Moto X appears to feature some kind of connector on the back plate as well. One of the leaked renders also seems to confirm that the DROID lineup from Motorola’s family of Verizon devices will continue into this year as well.

2016 Moto X leak3

The face of the handset appears to show a squared fingerprint sensor under the display, and the standard sensors can be seen just above the screen as well. There’s a front-facing camera, which should be expected, and Verizon customers will get the carrier’s checkmark in between the display and the fingerprint reader on the front, apparently.

Unfortunately, what the Moto X 2016 will feature as far as specs go remains unknown, and this latest report doesn’t help that situation any. However, it should be expected that Motorola plans on launching another flagship device this year, and if that DROID device is any indicator, they’ll look pretty distinct.

What do you think of the new design?

[via +HelloMotoHK]