Lenovo to Launch Project Tango Smartphone and ‘New Mobile Technology’ from Motorola on June 9

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Lenovo today announced that at its second “strategic technology conference” — Lenovo Tech World — the company will be launching the first Project Tango smartphone in partnership with Google. The conference is slated to take place in San Francisco on June 9, 2016.

As Google puts it, Project Tango allows a smartphone to navigate the physical world (augmented reality, in layman terms) by using advanced computer vision, image processing, and special vision sensors. You will be able to create and do some exciting new things that current smartphones are incapable of doing using a Project Tango smartphone. This includes things like visualising how a piece of furniture will look in your living room, navigating your way around a museum, and more.

Lenovo has shown off its Project Tango smartphone a few times before in expos and demons, but has shied away from launching it for consumers. Looking at how experimental the Project Tango smartphone is, it is likely going to be available only in selected markets.

Additionally, Lenovo also announced that it will be announcing a “new mobile technology” from Motorola that will “change the way people think about and use their most personal devices – in a snap.” The company is probably hinting at the Moto X 2016 that leaked in some renders earlier this week.

Lenovo is already scheduled to unveil the fourth generation Moto G in India later this month.

In previous expos, Lenovo had shown some really futuristic products and technologies, so I’d expect nothing less from the second iteration of its Tech World. The keynote will also be live-streamed by the company over on YouTube.

[Via Lenovo]