HTC Sending a Small Token of Appreciation to Early HTC 10 Adopters


Just a couple of days ago, HTC started shipping out the HTC 10 to customers in markets where pre-orders were made. Now, HTC teases the possibility of a token of appreciation reaching out to early HTC 10 adopters.

Sending an email to selected customers, HTC thanked them and informed them of a ‘small token of appreciation’ that would reach them over the ‘next couple weeks’. No other information was provided about the mystery gift from HTC.

HTC 10 Pre-Order Gift

For now, speculations are rife as to what this mystery gift could be all about. It ranges from the possibility of it being a case, earphones to just about anything under the sun that can be marketed along with a phone.

The HTC 10 has been off to a less than great start in China, with as little as 251 units being sold during the pre-order phase. This has been partially due to the lower specs of the phone which HTC had also planned for the Indian market where it was vehemently rejected by the public.

In the face of such controversy, the shipping out of a mystery gift to its customers in the US market might just be HTC’s way of retaining users for the long run — at least in one part of the world.

Are you even more enthusiastically awaiting your HTC 10 after reading this? Do you have better information on the Gift that HTC is giving? Let us know in the comments!!

[Via Phone Arena]