Google Welcoming Suggestions for the Final Name of Android N

Name Android N

David Burke, VP of Engineering, Android at Google, announced at the Google I/O 2016 opening keynote that Google is welcoming recommendations from Android users for the final name of Android N. Burke noted that coming up with the final name of an Android release is the among the toughest thing the team has to do before every release.

So, to make things easier this time around, the company is welcoming suggestions for Android N from users itself. If you have a name for the next version of Android that starts from N and is based on a dessert, make sure to submit your suggestions to Google from here.

Google will not be deciding on the final name based on the number of submissions and its popularity, so don’t start spamming Google with your suggestion. Google is accepting submissions until June 8, so you have plenty of time to come up with the final name for Android N.

Which dessert do you want Google to name Android N after?

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