Android Instant Apps Lets You Run Android Apps without Installing Them

Tired of installing new apps on your Android devices to watch a video or for a particular functionality? To solve this problem, Google previewed Android Instant Apps that allows you to run an app without actually installing it on your device.

In the demo shown by Google, an ‘instant’ version of Buzzfeed’s Android app opened when a URL was tapped. For Instant Apps to work, developers will have to break their app into multiple smaller parts that can start within a few seconds. Google says that all existing apps are supported by Instant Apps, with developers only having┬áto work for a day to implement it in their apps.


Google notes that is not looking to replace native apps with Instant Apps. It is just trying to offer a better and seamless experience.

The company says Instant Apps will run on all Android devices running Jelly Bean or higher. However, Google is going to take its time in bringing this feature to consumers. Right now, Google is working with some developers and they will be rolling out this feature later this year. Over the course of next year, Google will be expanding this feature for more third-party developers.