Sony Releases Android N Developer Preview for Xperia Z3

Android N on Xperia Z3

Sony today released the first build of Android N Developer Preview for the Xperia Z3. This is the first time that an Android OEM has also taken part in the Developer Preview program from Google and released a build for one of its devices.

Not meant for daily use, Sony hopes the N Developer Preview release will help developers with an Xperia Z3 to test their applications and add new features that will be introduced by Google in the upcoming version of Android N.

Xperia Z3-Android N DP

Android N will bring quite a lot of new features to the OS like Multi-window multitasking, Bundled notifications, Direct reply, improved Doze mode, and more.

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Now, for the bad news: this an alpha build from Sony that is not intended to be used as a daily driver. Since this is a Developer Preview, you also don’t get any of the Sony features and apps. Lastly, the Android N firmware is only available for the D6603 and D6653 variants of the Xperia Z3. If you own either of the variants of the handset, head over to this link for the installation instructions.

Being a Developer Preview, you are also bound to run into some bugs and issues. Make sure to report them over at the official Android N Developer Preview issue tracker so that Google can fix them and incorporate your feedback in the final release of the OS.

[Via Sony]